Griffin Stanton-Ameisen’s Opening Weekend

DSF’s Launce, Griffin Stanton-Ameisen, was kind enough to share a few thoughts after a long tech week and fun opening weekend.

July 15, 2013

Opening weekend!  We were so raring to go after our final dress rehearsal Thursday night…and then Mother Nature decided to hover above Rockwood Park and delay our fun. So Saturday night came, opening 2.0, and despite some let down we were able to really let the piece fly.

It has been such a pleasure working with the cast and director Sam Bellomo bringing this challenging, beautiful piece to the patrons of Delaware Shakespeare Festival. When I’m not on stage I sit at the very back of the audience and am able to watch and listen. And what I hear is pretty remarkable.  A clear story, complex language spoken with ease and skill, and an exuberant energy surging throughout.

I have my own challenges and fun to deal with in my dog Crab.  With DSF’s great partnership with Faithful Friends Animal Society I am working with a new dog every few shows. And wow, it stays fresh. You never know what’s going to happen and I have had fun rolling with whatever comes my way. And it seems like audiences are able to have fun with Crab and I while still being able to get the language, which is most important.

Now we get to ride the ride of the rest of our shows and find new connections each night to our audiences!


Griffin with Prince, the first Faithful Friends dog to play Crab.
Griffin with Prince, the first Faithful Friends dog to play Crab.

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