Two Gents Videos

Offstage Action – A behind-the-scenes look for how the cast creates offstage sound effects for the rescue of Silvia from Outlaws.

Two Gents Curtain Call – There is lots of great music and dance in Two Gents. This video of the curtain call shows a little of what you have to look forward to.

Two Gents Set Assembly – This video shows an hour-by-hour update of the set assembly for Two Gents. 

Anything Once: Shakespearean Actor – The News Journal’s Ashley Barnas stops by rehearsal to see what it would be like to play Julia.

“Who Is Silvia?” – This video shows a typical creativity-filled night at rehearsal for Two Gents – a little dancing, a little singing, some costume fittings, and a whole bunch of triangle!

The Letter Lazzi – Emilie Krause and Clare Mahoney rehearse a small portion of physical comedy centered around who will gain possession of a valued letter.

Where Will TWO GENTS Be? – The design team for Two Gents walks the grounds of Rockwood Park this winter to try to decide where to place this summer’s production.

First Design Meeting  The creative team for Two Gents discusses what excites them about working on the production and director Samantha Bellomo shares why she decided to set the action in the 1920s.