“Guess the 2013 Festival Production” Challenge

All throughout the month of September, DSF will be dropping hints as to the title of our 2013 Festival Production. You can find those hints on our Facebook page, Twitter stream, or here on the DSF website.

Once you think you know the play, drop us an email at info@delshakes.org with your guess. There’s only guess per email address, so wait until you think you know for sure.

We will announce the play at the end of September. One lucky correct guesser will win tickets to the 2013 Festival. Happy Guessing!!


Hint #1: DSF has not produced this Shakespeare play before.

Hint #2: The action of this play is set in Italy.

Hint #3: Early in his career, Tom Hanks won a Best Actor Award for playing the lead role in this play.

Hint #4: The sources for the plot of this Shakespeare play include Renaissance “friendship literature,” a Spanish prose romance entitled “The Seven Books of the Diana,” and Arthur Brooke’s poem “Romeus and Juliet.”

Hint #5: The plot features a woman dressing up as a man – one of the many times Shakespeare uses this device.

Hint #6: This is Shakespeare’s only play to feature a dog as a key character.