“Why I Love DSF”: Maureen McCaffery

Each month leading up to the 2013 Festival, we will ask a different DSF audience member to share why they love DSF.

We know different people come to the Festival for different reasons, so we are expecting each answer to be unique.

Maureen McCaffery – Bear, DE

Why and how do I love DSF? Let me count the ways!!

In the beginning when I moved here years ago, I was looking for things to do in Delaware, and Shakespeare was (to be honest) not something very high on my radar, but I went thinking it was something kind of “interesting.” What started out as a whim has turned into something that I look forward to more and more with each passing year.

I love the fresh air all around you while you are enjoying the arts!!

Each year as my circle of friends grows, so has the group that goes along with me. The bug spray (free), the chairs you drag up the hill (along with the customary bottle of wine), the circling airplanes (annoying sometimes, yes, but you take the good with the bad I guess)—it all comes together to make for a special event and a wonderful evening surrounded by others who all have the same sense of  unspoken “isn’t this great we’re all here watching this amazing show”!!!

I love the silly pre-show. I love the interaction of the cast with the audience. They are all so talented and so dedicated. I love that you can be so close to the action on the stage if you want to get there early enough. I love the volunteers who are so helpful with seating the patrons.

I guess I just love it all!!!!

I can’t wait to see what I can add to my list for this year.

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