Emilie Krause’s First Week of Rehearsals

After the first week of rehearsal, we asked Emilie Krause (DSF’s Silvia) to share a few thoughts about how rehearsals are going.

Emilie Krause (center) with James Kassees (l) and Brandon Pierce (r).
Emilie Krause (center) with James Kassees (l) and Brandon Pierce (r).

June 17, 2013

Well, we’ve zipped through the first week of rehearsal. A thought or two: Rockwood Park is beautiful. There are secret stone benches under pine trees, and big stone boulders you can stand on as you rehearse your lines, bellowing your words over a massive field. There are little paths and patches of clovers, and green everywhere. I had forgotten how much fun it is to perform outdoors!! There is this feeling of expanse that happens when the performance energy you project isn’t hindered by walls or windows. It just goes and goes and goes and because you never end up filling the space completely there is a sense of lightening, a joy in knowing that you are very big and very small at the same time.

There are other advantages to being outside: some loyal DSF fans showed up on Sunday to watch our stumble-through, and we got to share with them not only the story, but the process of stitching it together. There was plenty of the typical stumble-through confusion – the musicians didn’t have their instruments and improvised an acapella rendering of the opening song – but it was so much fun to have people watching. The audience is such a big part of the final product, it was such a gift to have them laughing and listening to us as we learn how to tell this story. I think it’s going to be hard to rehearse inside tomorrow…

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