Caroline Crocker’s Third Week of Rehearsal

After the first week of rehearsals, Caroline Crocker (DSF’s Gertrude) shared a few thoughts about where she is in the process of creating her role.

June 30, 2014

When we started this process, I was concerned mostly with creating a loving relationship with Hamlet. While it was clear to me that there was dysfunction in the relationship, I still wanted to play a mostly concerned, caring mother who went about it in a flawed way.

Once we did some real work on the latter part of the play, however, I realized that that was where Gertrude got a chance to let her son in and listen to him, as well as to truly feel the guilt of her second marriage. If I played a Gertrude who was trying to listen to her son from the beginning, and who felt openly a little guilty about her relationship with Claudius, it wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic or interesting as if that came about from the action of the play.

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